Wearable Sensory Solutions

Myontec muscle monitor

for  ENHANCING THE PERFORMANCE  of human engine

ACTIVATE  muscles in correct order

BALANCE  muscular loading profiles

DETECT  hidden problems and deviations

RELAX  muscles during each cycle of motion

RECRUIT  muscles efficiently in all intensity domains

WEAR  all the features in one clothing embedded solution

Heart and lungs function in a way as fuel pumps of the human body and the muscles are its engine producing force needed in all dynamic and static tasks. Measurement devices such as Cardiac Monitors and Holter equipment have been developed and commercialised for heart rate and ECG monitoring. With the Myontec concept for the first time in the world muscle activity and functions based on electromyography (EMG) can be studied and recorded in habitual real life conditions. This opens a whole new world for the research and applications of the information gained from muscle functions. Simultaneously, it opens a market that has considerably wider prospects than heart rate monitoring.



for sports & training

for other applications