Wearable Sensory Solutions

Per Lundstam, Red Bull High Performance manager
Reb Bull High Performance Center

“The Myontec technology served as one of the main technologies in place during the Red Bull endurance project. The technology was in place to examine the level of muscle activity in each measured muscle group during cognitive functions under physiological load. Myontec technology with inside look on the muscle activity gives scientists and coaches a great picture of the muscular mechanical processes happening in real time during physiological stress. This enables staff to investigate physiological mechanisms to a much higher degree and improves the understanding of training and competition at a higher rate than the more traditional analytical methodologies”.

Mike Kadar, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Pittsburgh Penguins NHL-team

"Myontec Muscle Monitor has given me an inside look at how my athletes move and which muscles are doing the work. By knowing which muscles are activating and to what extent they are activating it helps me to be able to correct imbalances. This week we tested several athletes coming off injuries and we noted their muscle profile during several controlled tests. Next week we will see what kind of progress we have made in training once we repeat these controlled tests. When we look at on-ice data using Myontec system we can analyze the skating efficiency and muscles profile for hard skating which can help train technique. I am excited to evaluate work loading by looking at the total sum of muscle activity. This way we will be able to evaluate how hard a workout is compared to a game or another workout. Sincerely, Mike Kadar."

Timo Vuorimaa, DPE, Senior Teacher of R&D
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science, Vierumäki unit

"For centuries, sport related training has benefited from instruments that measure heart activity and electric activity of the heart muscle (EKG). Instead, the measuring of the activity of the skeletal muscles (EMG) has been somewhat difficult and sensitive to interferences and therefore rarely utilized in practical training situations. Now this is possible. With the Myontec sport textiles and with the muscle activity monitoring systems, the activity and the occurring changes in muscles that work during sport performance can be recorded and examined almost the same way as with an heart rate monitor. The system can expose a possible unbalance in muscle activity, and it can be used to monitor changes occurring during training and as a result of training in several muscle groups simultaneously. Myontec system is an excellent tool for a trainer who in addition to performance ability wants to explore what happens in muscles during training and in competition situations and how and which muscles are strained in sport performances. I recommend to explore and experiment as there is now available a totally new dimension for the development of training methods and periods." 



"Myontec products enable more analyses than traditional analytical methodologies”

- Per Lundstam

"Myontec Muscle Monitor has given me an inside look"

- Mike Kadar

"Myontec system is an excellent tool for a trainer"

- Timo Vuorimaa