Occupational health & Ergonomics

Occupational health & Ergonomics

Unique technology created and designed to monitor work load in muscular level at the workplace helping to reduce sick leaves, musculoskeletal disorders and disability pensions.

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Atria, a €1.4 billion food processing company, invested €36M to overhaul their production processes, only to see a spike in carpal tunnel syndrome and related sick leaves amongst meat cutters.
“Several of Atria’s workers wore our smart clothes and upon analysis of the data we were able to determine that even the size of the worker’s cutting knife, the blade, matters,” says Pylväs. Analysis revealed that a longer blade would allow workers to spread the physical cutting force across the length of their arm, versus absorbing the entire motion in their wrist. It’s been one year since Atria implemented Myontec’s recommendations and there have been zero new cases of carpal tunnel syndrome and a 2% drop in sick leaves related to the illness. For those that had surgery, rehabilitated and returned to do the same work, none of them have had recurring symptoms.

We want to hear from you in the comments: Could this kind of wearable tech have saved you from a repetitive work injury?


Pohjanmaan työterveyslääkärit ry (PohTLY) järjestää työpaikka-käynnin Atrialle. Työpaikkakäynnin yhteydessä on tarkoitus antaa ajankohtaisena teemana ”Älyvaatteet osana työterveyshuoltoa” keskustelupohja työterveyshuollossa työskenteleville lääkäreille.

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World’s first and only muscle sensing smart shorts, mobile app with real-time monitoring, online sports diary with versatile exercise analysis and follow-up features. Myontec Mbody is the most complete & comprehensive training system available for analyzing your everyday work-outs and performance. Myontec Mbody Pro is the best intelligent garments that measures your muscles activity, and, along with our phone apps and Muscle Monitor software, offers for professional customers a new dimension in understanding muscles behavior while doing exercise. Our slogan, Know Your Muscles, defines all we are aiming for.


Myontec Mbody – You wear it.

The idea of Myontec wearables is they deliver tech to you seamlessly, without having to operate anything or carry it. You wear it. Mbody package consist of intelligent MShorts, MCell recorder and Mbody Live application. Using Myontec Mbody is easy: put the MShorts on, attach MCell to the shorts, open Mbody Live application and run. Mbody monitors your bio-signals while you exercise.

Know your muscles


You can monitor your muscle load, balance and other variables in real time using your mobile phone.

Myontec Mbody translates your bio-signals into simple feedback and analyses form.

With world’s first and unique muscular training zones, you can now track and control your training intensity quickly and precisely and thus improve your neuromuscular performance along with cardiovascular aspects. The training zones are based on individual Muscular Fatigue Threshold, which provides with scientific accuracy for the zone definitions.

Recording is made easy also without your mobile device. Just push the button to record your data and then download it afterwards into cloud service, analyze and compare your progress.


You can analyse your exercise after the training in your mobile device or in PC software. The clear mobile user interface lets you see how well you achieved your training goals, the differences between the right and left leg, about the quads/hams ratio, performance technique, latent problems etc.

Further analyses can be carried out in Muscle Monitor PC software service, together with heart rate, speed, power and route information.

Mbody tracking systems offer better possibility to analyze exercise performance and great opportunity to plan personal and efficient training program.