Myontec top solution is here! Mbody shorts, with 6 EMG channels, completes the lower body circle by adding the gluts data to the existing hamstrings and quadriceps. The product works with the Professional Software Muscle Monitor and it is the most expected solution from our top customers.

Mbody AllSport 6Channel completes the virtuous circle of the lower body muscle Data

The technology integrated in Myontec Mbody measures the electrical activity of the muscles (EMG, electromyography). Myontec Mbody is the first product to utilise this technology in real-time sports performance analysis, regardless of the environment or the type of sport. Our technology is validated at scientific level, tested, proven and used by top level sports institutions & universities from around the world. In Myontec we want to bring this unique technology to everyday sport enthusiasts, to help you understand your human machine and perform at the top of your game. Our slogan, Know your Muscles, defines all we are aiming for!

Example of Competitive advantage gained with Mbody

Muscle Monitor


Muscle monitor 2.0






Muscle overload analysis
Training readiness based on warm-up monitoring
Fatigue detection from EMG
Recovery and relaxation monitoring
Technique feedback for efficiency and balance
Analyses for imbalance and injury prevention

Instant data analysis software
Injury prevention
Warm-up timing
Muscle balance

Customized comparisons
Real-time muscle activity measurement
Muscle load
Muscle load distribution
Muscle imbalances
Muscle condition
Heart rate
GPS data

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