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Our Story

Behind Myontec there is an international and versatile team of professionals who have gained success in elite sports, and in the field of software engineering, university and research including ergonomics.


Our aim is to bring a new perspective in monitoring and analyzing performance – measuring directly the muscular system with our intelligent clothing – new tools to truly know your muscles and get precise data for adjustments and improvement, no matter what you do or where you are.


We believe that muscle measurement will have an impact not only in elite sport or ergonomics but in everyday life as well, hence the focus on Research and rehabilitation as well. For more comprehensive solution we are integrating EMG with movement sensors (IMU), heart rate and video.

On this journey, we want you to take part in developing all of this even further. That is why we hope to hear from you. Your questions, problems, ideas, enhancement proposals and thoughts are significant to us!

Meet The Team

Among Our Clients

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