More knowledge, better training & results.


Muscle Balance

Illustrates the balance in muscle work and changes in it

  • Notice hidden problems
  • Detect muscle imbalances & weaknesses
  • Improve the balance of your muscle work

Did you know that 75% of the lower body injuries are due to imbalance?

Muscle Load

Monitors the level of muscle load and changes in the load

  • Assure the state of readiness & impact of warming up
  • Control muscular loading
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Manage training intensities

Did you know that warming up improves neuromuscular control and lowers muscle activity? A proper warm-up reduces the risk of injury.


Tracks the quads/hams ratio and changes in it

  • Improve your technique
  • Control loading patterns (sports specific)
  • Monitor the impact of intensity, fatigue and biomechanical factors on the loading ratio

Did you know that for a top athlete the quads/hams ratio is approx.

  • 40/60 % in running
  • 50/50 % in cycling?

I have used Mbody product in a few different ways, it has been used to look into efficiencies in biking, it helps rehabilitations to look at the engagement to muscles in the different movements in the different stages.


Per Lundstam

High Performance Manager, Red Bull

Mbody provides totally new dimension for the development of training methods and periods.

Timo Vuorimaa

Dpe, Professional Coach, Principal Lecturer R&D , Haaga-Helia University Of Applied Sciences

For conditioning we are looking at total activation. What is the total load in terms of muscle activity, or voltage? Knowing numbers can certainly help planning day to day and week to week. I look forward to using the MBody more and gaining more valuable insight into how our players respond to different training and what it means for both their development and rehabilitation. If you aren’t measuring you aren’t managing!

Mike Kadar

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pittsburgh Penguins NHL-team

 When I was a rider I always had problems when I was going up a hill straight from the start and I wasn’t warm enough…with this shorts we can actually know how much each rider should be doing the warm up before he goes to the race.


Kjell Carlström

Sporting Director, IAM Cycling

Imbalances are very difficult to detect, especially in sports specific environments. With Mbody the muscles (engines) of the athletes can be followed more precise than before. Myontec technology gives me a valuable tool to measure muscle activity and to analyze correct movement patterns on my athletes.

Marko Yrjovuori

Physiotherapist and performance coach

The players are using Mbody during the whole training game. The data is gathered and stored in order to analyze it afterward, to gain better knowledge of Muscle activation ratios. Myontec Mbody is bringing up a new dimension in Muscle Activity monitoring. It allows us to measure and understand muscle activity of players during real training.

Carlos Bruno

Fitness Coach Coordinator, Sporting Clube de Portugal

The key to skating fast is to only ever skate with one foot on the ground at a time. During the movement the free leg is supposed to be relaxed. In our training camp, we were using Mbody to observe the flaws in relaxation and changed performance techniques when needed, to make sure that the process is carried out properly.

Tuomas Nieminen

Performance coach, Suomen Luisteluliitto ry


Myontec technology and functionality is based on the measurement of electrical activity of the muscles (EMG, electromyography). Mbody is the first ever product that utilizes this technology in sports performance analysis in real-time – regardless of the environment or the type of sports. Technology is validated by scientific articles, tested and proved by universities and high level training centers and for the most – used by professional athletes and top level sport organization.