This page goes over installation and other relevant materials before measurements.


All good come in three's

Android ErgoMobile & ErgoWatch

The Android software is responsible for controlling the measurement devices and capturing the video, at the time of measurements.

PC ErgoLink


After the measurements, the data is put together and analyzed in the ErgoLink.



The final reports, results and project documentation is easily shared through the ErgoCloud, to any person, party or stakeholder.


Installing the Android apps

Set up the phone!

Get your supported Android phone and add any Google account. Pair the phone with the Watch using the Wear OS -app.


Install the ErgoMobile app from Google Play store in your phone. In a few moments, the Watch should suggest you to install the companion app to the Watch also.  

Start with the App

Start the app from phone and watch. Make sure to enable all required app permissions. Move on to next phase!


Links to the Android software also below.


Installing ErgoLink

Check system requirements

Note that you'll need a PC with a decent calculation power. Requirements listed below.


Install the sofware from this link. You'll have to agree to the software terms .

Logging in

Start the software and log in with your ErgoCloud account. You will need a license with status 'Pro' or similar to continue with the software.


ErgoLink: System requirements


Plenty of HDD storage, at least 20% free space on computer even when using a USB or other additional HDD

Operating system

Windows 10


i5 or i7 or equivalent


8 GM of RAM

For additional information please contact us.


Documents for the participant questionnaire below.


Hardware checklist

You can find the hardware and equipment checklist from the link below. Also the old format of the checklist is here.