MBelt package

MBelt package

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MBelt is the latest product launch from Myontec. MBelt can be used f.e. for rehabilitation, ergonomic measurements and in sport. MBelt is measuring muscle activity (surface EMG) of Multifidus and Erector Spinae in combination. Product is very easy to use under working clothes or shirt. One size fits all adults.


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  • Mashing washable

    After removing the MCell you can wash all Myontec products in your washing machine at 30 °C or 86 °F.

  • Package includes

    1. MBelt

    2. MCell3 datalogger

    3. Muscle Monitor perpetual software lisence

    4. Extension parts to fit perfectly different sizes

    5. Accessories: charging cable, washing bag, spray bottle and USB dongle for wireless (BLE) real-time connection

  • Gathered data

    1. With combination to Muscle Monitor, MBelt is measuring Multifidus & Erector Spinae muscles combined to detect muscle activation.
    2. With combination to ErgoAnalysis, MBelt is monitoring additionally microbreaks, static load and bending position.