When you are updating your training plan, typical crucial questions are:

  • How can I become faster?
  • How can I go longer?
  • How can I perform better?
  • How can I avoid injuries?

To answer to these questions you have to change something in your current training method. You’ve probably heard the phrase “No pain – No gain”. In sports science, your body needs supercompensation during the post training period. After that you have gained higher performance capacity than it was prior to the training period. But where are the limits between overloading vs. non-progressive training? Without supercompensation there are no positive results. On the other end there is the risk for overtraining.
We at Myontec are working on new Mbody Live 3.0 mobile application, which helps you to monitor proper training load both in neuromuscular and cardiovascular aspects.
See our approach, the first part describes the Training Zones:

Our next article will talk about Technique & Balance.

Pekka Tolvanen, M.Sc. (Physics), Product Manager, Founder of Myontec
Merja Hoffrén-Mikkola, PhD (biomechanics), Content Developer, Myontec