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Unlock a new realm of training insights

Discover how your muscles perform during workouts or games and pinpoint potential injury risks with Mbody feedback.

Sports Injury

Regain your game after injury or strain with our specialized rehabilitation solutions
Detect and correct body imbalances with our technology, crucial for precise progress monitoring and recovery. Mbody can also analyze muscle movement to optimize performance for both you and your clients.
Ready to elevate your game?

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Triatholon Cyclists

Achieve Peak Performance
Empower athletes and coaches with real-time and post-exercise analysis for performance enhancement.
Unlock insights to optimize technique, control recovery, and prevent issues like imbalances using Myontec technology. Combine EMG data with various biosignals for comprehensive performance analysis, gaining total control over your training.


Maximize training effectiveness with Muscle Training Zones.
Our technology utilizes muscle activation for precise monitoring, faster than heart rate or lactate measurement.
Stay within target zones for optimized muscle loading and speed. Enhance performance and reduce injury risk with optimized warm-up and cool-down times tailored to your muscles using Mbody.

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