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Mbody Live

Turn your phone or tablet into your personal trainer

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Fully FREE Mbody Live app helps you to stay within the target zone, which ensures reaching the training goals. Quality instead of Quantity.

Download now or read more below. Note that Mbody Kit
is required for the data.


Real-time performance analysis

Optimize your training regardless of sport or level of activity

Set training intensity to the targets

Mbody Live app helps you to set the training intensity to effectively control your muscle load with muscle activation and heart rate. This way you can avoid injury and optimize training to your goals.


Manage the level of muscle load and change it

See and optimize warm-up and cool down times on your phone. This information can help you to reduce risks of injury.


New dimension

To manage and understand your body

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Ensure division of physical strain

Did you know that 75% of the lower body injuries are due to imbalance? Detect hidden muscle problems, imbalances and weaknesses with the Mbody Live app.

Track your muscle ratio

Here are more benefits for the software.

  • Control loading patterns

  • Improve technique

  • Monitor the impact of intensity

  • Fatigue and bio-mechanical factors on the loading ratio

Monitor muscle distribution

Muscle display shows in real time what muscle groups are fired and activation order. New insights let you know you’re performing the right exercises, with the right technique and intensity.

The information is also available post analysis.


Know your muscles

With detailed summary

The Summary

The Summary page enables better data perception to analyze performance and to gain better control over your neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems. And let's you see the quality and accuracy of training intensity versus training goals.

Training above the MFT, Muscle Fatigue Threshold  (actually on the anaerobic area) starts accumulation of lactate to your muscles. If you don’t control the intensity, you are forced to slow down soon or you’ll even get exhausted. On the other hand training only below MFT, does not teach your body to withstand fatigue and proper lactate control and your endurance abilities do not improve.


Heart rate not enabled in the picture above.

Visible curves enable comparison of averaged Muscle Load with Heart rate, Speed and Elevation to evaluate interaction between physiological and environmental factors.

Download to get started

Or contact us for more information

Get the Mbody Live app from the links below or contact us for more information. Get your journey for better training started!

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