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Open up a new dimension for training at any level.

Feedback from our Mbody tech answers questions of what's happening with muscles during the game or training, how your muscles are behaving, and where majority of observed risk factors or injuries occur.

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Sports Injury

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One level we specialize in is getting back to sport after strain, injury or another limitation. This can be done with the rehabilitation advantages of our products.

Our technology can help to detect imbalance when one side of the body is used more than the other. It's useful and can be highly important to monitor progress and to recover to normal function precisely.

Alternatively Mbody technology can read muscle movement to learn your limits, or do the same for your clients.

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Use Muscle Training Zones to optimize the training intensity

We use muscle activation which is the most accurate biosignal to monitor training zones in comparison with Heart Rate, and it's much faster in compared to Lactate measurement.

Better optimized training speed and muscle loading means that you stay within the target zones.

Manage the level of muscle load and change it

Warming up improves neuromuscular control and lowers muscle activity. Cooling down is needed to start effective flush-away of lactate from blood and therefore enhance recovery.

Mbody allows you to optimize warm-up and cool down times for your muscles to reduce the risk of injury.

Take training to next level


Better Training

Real-time and post exercise analysis provides athletes and coaches with the tool to measure, monitor and analyse performance.

Inside data allows you to target and optimize your technique, define and gain better control over recovery processes and to detect and prevent problems, such as imbalances and deviations, in your muscular system.


Getting the Best Results

Myontec technology measures and records EMG data from the biggest muscle groups. Combined with different biosignals such as heart rate, cadence, speed, power and many more you get the most complete performance analysis there is and thereby gain total control of your human machine.

Knowing your muscles and how they are affected by different circumstances allows you to improve your technique according to your physical needs and add the ultimate value to the training and coaching.

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