Mbody 3 Kit Legs

Mbody 3 Kit Legs

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All you need in one pack to start improving your workout!

This package includes: Mbody Myontec 3 Kit Smartshorts sports tracker set with MCell 3, compression shorts 3, which can be used with the Mbody Live 3.


    Properly used, your Mbody data may help you assess, evaluate and spot a risk of injury.

    • What is it?

      Mbody 3 is designed as a comprehensive wireless tool to see what happens in your muscles during training. It can be used for individual athletes, training centers, research, clinics, physios, and teams. You can track which muscle groups or muscles work properly in correct activation order or if there are imbalances that may become harmful or lead to injury.



    • Included Items

      • Mbody 3 shorts measure data from hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes muscles
      • MCell 3 is a small, lightweight and easy to use the device with EMG and inertial sensory
      • Mbody Live 3 is the mobile app (free of charge) for field monitoring with simple biofeedback data
      • Compatible with Muscle Monitor software for Windows (sold separately)
    • Features

      Mbody 3 Features include:

      • Training zones base on individually tested Muscular Fatigue Threshold MFT)
      • Muscle loading distribution
      • Muscle imbalance detection and relaxation
      • Activation order
      • Technique analysis
      • Fully Machine Washable: after removing the MCell you can wash Mbody 3 products in your washing machine at 30 °C or 86 °F.
      • and much more …