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MSleeve is the latest product launch from Myontec. MSleeve is designed especially for physical activity, sport and rehabilitation and can be used in ergonomics and research or validating shoes etc. MSleeve is measuring calf muscles muscle activity (surface EMG of Tibialis, Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles) and motions. Product is very easy to use. We have unisex model with three different sizes.


NOTE! Prices are without VAT. You must have a valid VAT number to buy VAT free. In that case contact directly our support (at)


NOTE! This product requires one MCell3 and Muscle Monitor software license to work and to gather data - see more MSleeve package.

  • Included Items

    • One MSleeve
    • NOTE! This item is not including pair but only one sleeve. This item is not including datalogger MCell either. See separately MSleeve package, MCell3 or Muscle Monitor software
    • MSleeve measures data from Tibialis, Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles
    • Accessories: washing back
  • Features

    • Muscle loading distribution
    • Muscle imbalance detection and relaxation
    • Activation order
    • Flexibility of Achilles Tendon
    • Biomechanics and Technique analysis
    • Fully Machine Washable: You can wash Mbody3 products in your washing machine at 30 °C or 86 °F.
    • and much more …

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