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ErgoSleeve is designed especially for ergonomics but can be can be also used in rehabilitation, research and in sport. ErgoSleeve is measuring forearm muscle activity (surface EMG of wrist extensors and flexors). Product is very easy to use. We have one size for women and one size for men.


NOTE! This product requires one MCell3 and Muscle Monitor OR ErgoAnalysis license to work and to gather data.


NOTE! Prices are without VAT. You must have a valid VAT number to buy VAT free. In that case, contact directly our support(at) 

  • Machine washable

    You can wash all Myontec smart clothes in your washing machine at 30 °C or 86 °F.

  • Included Items

    1. ErgoSleeve

    2. Accessories: washing bag and spray bottle

  • Gathered data

    1. This product requires one MCell and two additional IMU sensors to work and to gather data. These components are included in ErgoSleeve package or ErgoSleeve Buy&Try package
    2. ErgoSleeve package is including Muscle Monitor license, so ErgoSleeve is measuring forearm extensors and flexors to detect muscle activation.
    3. ErgoSleeve Buy&Try package is including two additional IMU sensors, smart phone with ready installed ErgoMobile app and ErgoAnalysis license fpr PC, so ErgoSleeve is monitoring additionally motions and wrist. Quick Reports are inluding musle load, microbreaks, static load and wrist extension angular speed.

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