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Mbody Shorts and Mbody Live

Muscle Training Zones


Use muscle load to optimize the training intensity for best results.

Knowing correct training intensity is vital to control the Muscle load together with Cardio info. Muscle activation is the most accurate biosignal to monitor training zones in comparison with Heart Rate, and it’s much faster in relation to Lactate measurement.


Better optimized training speed and muscle loading means that you stay within the target zone and reduce the risk of injury.


Muscle Monitor Features

Muscle Monitor

Problem detection

Problem detection is collection of features which very easily and quickly give an assessment of trainee’s muscular status.

We use “traffic light analogy” to categorize the problem level. For example, if Left/Right balance is within +/- 4,5% range the bar graphs are green and if the balance difference is larger the color changes first to yellow (within +/- 7%) and then to red (outside +/- 9%). Similar logic is in use with other parameters too e.g. for relaxation level.

Multiplayer monitoring

”Multi player monitoring” enables you to monitor simultaneously 3 players in real time with Muscle Monitor. You can start recording of 3 MCells and configure the Muscle Monitor display with monitored curves and values side by side.


When the Markers are used to separate sections within an exercises (e.g. Laps) the “Comparison” feature enables you to compare results between selected Marker points.

When the Markers are used Compared result options are Averaged Muscle Load, Heart Rate, Cycling Power, Cumulative Muscle Load or ‘Averaged Muscle group loading group by group.

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Included in Research

Red Bull's experiment was to help athletes realize the effects of different
conditions to
their muscles, 
to help them stay on top of their game.

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