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2017’s Top Social Media Phenomenon Continues: Myontec Technologies in the Next Episode of Dudeson&#8

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

In the Extreme Triathlon, the daredevils try to keep calm while swimming in an icy river, plunging head-first down stacks of hay bales and riding bicycles over 40-foot tall shipping containers. Their antics are monitored using Finnish sports technology: Myontec’s smart pants, Suunto’s athletic watches and Firstbeat’s heart rate sensors.

Last week The Dudesons scored one of 2017’s biggest social media hits so far with their Forest Machine Rodeo video attracting more than 12 million views on Facebook in just a couple of days. This week the Finnish daredevils return with the next episode of the “Meanwhile in Finland” series, produced in cooperation with Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovations.

“This time we are competing in an Extreme Triathlon. The twist is that the winner is not the fastest Dudeson, but the one who best controls his body. To monitor our stress levels, muscle performance and heart rates during the Extreme Triathlon, we used Finnish gadgets that turned out to be Dudeson-proof,” said Jarno Laasala of The Dudesons.

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