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MBODY AllSport 6Channel

Mbody AllSport 6Channel completes the virtuous circle of the lower body muscle Data

Myontec top solution is here! Mbody shorts, with 6 EMG channels, completes the lower body circle by adding the gluts data to the existing hamstrings and quadriceps. The product works with the Professional Software Muscle Monitor as well as Mbody Live App and it is the most expected solution from our top customers.

Example of Competitive advantage gained with Mbody

Muscle Monitor

Muscle monitor 2.0




Muscle overload analysis Training readiness based on warm-up monitoring Fatigue detection from EMG Recovery and relaxation monitoring Technique feedback for efficiency and balance Analyses for imbalance and injury prevention

Instant data analysis software Injury prevention Warm-up timing Fatigue Recovery Technique Muscle balance

Customized comparisons Real-time muscle activity measurement Muscle load Muscle load distribution Muscle imbalances Muscle condition Power Cadence Heart rate GPS data

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