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Mbody Shorts in Powerlifting

The interview of powerlifting coach, Finnish Timo Kaasalainen, was published originally in the VOIMANNOSTAJA magazine, the official magazine of Finnish Powerlifting Federation.

Photo: Sami Manninen

There is still a lot of data to analyze in powerlifting, and the study continues. We got help and deep analysis of our training even after the first tests with Mbody. Naturally there are individual differences and different techniques between each athlete which need to be considered in analysis. In the future, we will be able to measure the differences between individual athletes even better.

When starting testing Myontec Mbody shorts in powerlifting we got some help for data and exercise analysis from Myontec's side. Sport Scientist, Heidi Jarske, pointed out certain things to focus at and thus, speeded up the process. Independently, we would certainly get the knowledge and analyzing skills sooner or later, but the help of a professional was quite necessary. After this help, it has been much easier to continue our research, read the bars and the signal curves, and other graphics, and to follow how different things affect and what is essential for training.

During the first tests, we wore powerlift suit on top of Mbody shorts in order to prevent any damages on the fabric caused by the bar. At different stages of lifting we noticed how a small shift in balance affected muscle group activation and distribution. We followed the numbers while lifting from the starting position and how the distribution changed when the lift reaches the knee angle.

Naturally we need to keep in mind technique differences. During the first weeks we tested only a variation of the narrow foot position. We will check sumo style of lifting technique later. We also compared front and back muscles activation during exercises. For this, we compared few test subjects doing squats.

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