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Measuring Muscles: EMG in Sports Practice

We have a new article behind registration by Henk Kraaijenhof. Below is a glimpse to the article and how EMG can improve sports practice.

Electromyography or EMG is a classic technique, which has already been used for more than 100 years to record electrical muscle activity. Recent technological developments make new applications possible, which can benefit sports greatly.

But why should we measure muscle activity?

Human body consist 40% of muscle mass. It's our largest organ. Muscles are responsible for movement and for communication. For sports it's important to investigate synergies between muscle groups to strive for optimal muscle performance. And thus precise tuning, control or coordination is extremely importance for the quality of movement. The control of muscles is therefore an important starting point for any training and rehabilitation.


Current day EMG tools enable optimization of balance, movement and training for best results, while minimizing strain and risk of injury.

Read more at our Sports Resource page after registration.

Source: Modern Electromyography in the Sports Practice, New Applications Through Portable Technology by Henk Kraaijenhof (The original article was published in Sportgericht magazine nr. 2, 2019, vol 73, pages 14-17.)

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