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Myontec presents a new mobile App Mbody Live 3.0 at VIP sports and tech event in LA, USA

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Today, March 2, Myontec launched a totally new Mbody Live mobile application at VIP sports and tech event in Carson, CA at the StubHub center, Los Angeles, USA

Mbody Live mobile application incorporates a unique technology created and designed for everyday sport enthusiasts and professional athletes helping them to achieve their goals and reduce risks of potential injury. Mbody Live provides a real-time performance analysis regardless of the environment or the type of sport.

The Mbody Live 3.0 app features:

  1. Mbody Live 3.0 monitors Muscle Loading together with Heart Rate, speed and other relevant training data. Based on Muscle Fatigue Threshold Mbody Live 3.0 gives specific zones with regard to person’s current condition to focus personal training on muscles. Training within different zones improves sports performance on each level: basic, speed and maximum endurance.

  2. Quads/Hams ratio visual imaging helps to control loading patterns and improve technique. Monitor the impact of intensity, fatigue and biomechanical factors on the loading ratio.

  3. Muscle balance ensures that the physical strain is divided in balance between left and right side muscle groups and reduce the risk of potential injury.

  4. New “Muscle display” shows what muscle groups are fired, the intensity of activation and muscle activation order.

“With the new mobile app, we want to bring muscle level bio signal analyses to the next level. Mbody Live 3.0 is analyzing EMG signal and giving instant feedback for the user to improve optimal training with detected muscle fatigue threshold, training zones and activation order but also to improve problem detection with relaxation and balance indicators. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to launch our new mobile application in Sport Council VIP Sport and Tech event among US elite teams”, says Janne Pylväs, CEO of Myotec Oy.

The Sportscouncil SV is organizing its first VIP sports and tech event with a focus on high-tech innovations. Main theme of the event: “How wearables, VR, AR, sensors, data analytics/AI, drones… will change the game of professional sports”.  This event is aiming to unite sports teams, team owners, VCs, large tech companies and innovative sports startups to discuss this topic.

Myontec was awarded as top 3 SportsTec StartUp.

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