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New PhD thesis utilizing Mbody

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that a new PhD thesis utilizing our textile EMG-technology is published December 16, 2016: “Reduced Muscle Inactivity, Sedentary Time and Cardio-Metabolic Benefits. Effectiveness of a One-Year Family-Based Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial” by Arto Pesola from Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences of the University of Jyväskylä.

Arto Pesola confirmed the idea put forward by Professor Marc Hamilton (Hamilton et al. 2007) that sitting is actually a health risk. Professor claimed that sitting less improved health and even indicated that sitting less could improve health variables that remained unchanged by participating in regular exercise.

In the course of research, Arto Pesola found that the family-based tailored counseling was effective in reducing muscle inactivity and sedentary leisure time acutely, and in preventing an increase in sedentary leisure time during one year without reducing work or weekend sedentary time. This resulted also in some modest positive changes in anthropometrics and apolipoproteins independent of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and energy intake. Reducing muscle inactivity produces causal health benefits and may bear public health potential.

The researcher Arto Pesola used Myontec’s Mbody shorts in all his PhD studies and EMG was in essential role of the whole thesis. The studies are not only of “scientific value” because it deals with “daily inactivity/activity”, which is very popular subject these days.

Couple of quotes: Unlike accelerometers, inclinometers, pedometers or heart rate monitors, EMG measures directly the activity of muscle by placement of surface electrodes.”

In addition, EMG shorts were found to reflect total body energy expenditure throughout different intensities of a versatile treadmill activity protocol (Tikkanen et al. 2014). The estimate was superior to accelerometer-derived energy expenditure estimate at low loads, if individual calibrations were performed as in the present study (Tikkanen et al. 2014). This suggests that measurement of thigh region muscle activity gives a valid gross estimate of total body physical activity.”

Myontec Ltd is acknowledged for their technical support and encouragement for the research we have been doing.

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