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New Product is Out - ErgoSleeve!

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Myontec is showing the way in smart clothing market! The latest product ErgoSleeve is measuring forearm muscle load as well as joint load.

ErgoSleeve is a unique product, measuring video -synchronized data from forearm extensor and flexor muscle activity (EMG) and wrist angular speed. The EMG data algorithms provide static muscle load, microbreaks for each work phase or whole measured time interval. Muscle load profile is a visual display of overall load characteristics and is easily comparable between work phases.

Moreover, the science -based algorithms give threshold for overload, when the worker is in risk for MSD symptoms. Wrist angular speed in repetitive hand intensive work together with forearm EMG is the best indicator for example for carpal tunnel syndrome – the cause number one for long sick leaves.

ErgoSleeve is designed for ergonomics to detect hand intensive load on-site. The product can naturally be used in professional sport, rehabilitation and research, and it is compatible with Myontec ErgoAnalysis and Muscle Monitor software.

Hand load can be showed in Quick Reports as the example of muscle load below. These Quick Reports allow you to get ready-made analytics immediately after uploading the data to ErgoAnalysis.

We've made it wearable, quick and easy for you!


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