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New Product - MBelt - to measure low back muscles!

Occupational backache, lower back rehabilitation or problem detection in sport. Where ever your low back is painful, we have the solution to measure low back load objectively.

The new arrival from Myontec, MBelt, is measuring Multifidus & Erector Spinae muscles combined to detect muscle activation, load distribution, static load, microbreaks, bending positions etc. with a single belt fitting for all adults.

Low back pain is the most prevalent musculoskeletal condition in general population, as many studies have revealed an 85% to 90% lifetime incidence of low back pain. It has been identified as one of the most costly disorders among the worldwide working population. Similar to the vast majority of general population, a large number of athletes also experience low back pain.

A study in Germany by Latza et al found that workplace factors such as maintenance of awkward postures for hours contribute to the occurrence of low back pain disorders. If the maximum contraction of a muscle is sustained, blood flow to that muscle decreases and because of the viscoelastic nature of collagenous tissue, sustained loads result in creep causing lengthening, functional instability and consequently occupational injury.

Athletes are no exception, with the added strain of long training contributing to the problem, especially in adolescents. In addition, athletes are at high risk of back pain both from trauma and from overuse injuries, especially in sports requiring hyperextension, flexion and rotation.

Myontec – a Finnish smart clothing and data analytics company, has launched a new product, MBelt to tackle the need for easy-to-use and accurate muscle activation solution. MBelt is like weightlifting belt to measure surface electromyography (sEMG) of low back muscles with clothing embedded sensors. No need for preparations, shaving, wires or laboratory conditions. Measure the load there where you have it.

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