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Priorities, Injury preventions and Wearable Technology in Pro Football

New Blogpost: “Priorities, Injury preventions and Wearable Technology in Pro Football”

This month, Myontec spoke with Mr. Luca GUERRA, Biomechanics Expert. Luca has a tremendous amount of experience in Sports, with an emphasis on Football (Napoli, Italian Football Federation, Everton FC, Illes Academy …). We wanted to open the discussion with Luca on topics such as: Performance, Injury Prevention, Different Pro leagues, and how Technology can help.


Luca outlined his top priorities when working with pro teams. The most important is to be able to work with each player individually, understanding the skills and abilities of each player, and then set up a protocol for development (on the field and in the gym also). Working just with the team is not enough. Individual work is the key. Talking to the player to explain how the protocol works must be done. Once the athlete/player understands why a protocol is in place, the improvement becomes more noticeable.

Myontec’s technology helps very much in assessing the external load, as well as the internal load while following a certain protocol. Analysing basic movements will reveal muscle behaviour and allows the discovery of very important biofeedback. Once you have this data, you can really start improving the performance of the players.

Team Strategy and Individual Strategy

As mentioned above, it’s not enough to focus only on the Team’s strategy. Every player is different and therefore you have to work individually to be able to go deep into the individual performance model. The aim is to obtain a full understanding of the Athlete/the Player.

Past Injuries

Full cooperation with the medical team is key when there are injuries: Team doctors and Physios are always consulted. When working together we can fully understand the injuries, try to formulate solutions, and investigate the matters further. The main questions we always look at are: why did this injury happen and how can we help in the future? For example, Luca always creates a protocol and keeps a precise database of protocols/injuries.

At the Illes Academia for instance, he uses a lot of different tests for the under 16s players, and then creates his database based on the results. If a player encounters a problem, Luca can immediately start working with each player individually. In these situations, you may discovered issues such as imbalance issues which are critical to the development of the player’s performance.