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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

We are proud to be presenting our solution at the Football Medicine Strategies Conference – Return To Play in London, April 9-11. The aim of the Conference is to share knowledge and expertise on methods and tools that have helped injured players to get back on the field safely. Myontec Mbody will be presented as a monitoring tool in rehabilitation processes and training and technique optimizations processes in different stages of the conference.


Myontec Workshop – Muscle activation data (EMG) from wearables in injury prevention and rehabilitation

Most soccer injuries occur in the lower extremities and result to significant loss of training hours and game participation. Training-related hamstring injury rates have increased substantially in European men football leagues since 2001 and currently 22 % of players sustain at least one hamstring injury during a season. To decrease the number of injuries, monitor the rehabilitation process and avoid return to practice and play re-injuries, there is an increasing demand for objective monitoring of players’ physical performance, muscle loading and muscle function.

Myontec Mbody offers a wearable device to monitor electromyographic activity (EMG) on lower leg muscle groups (quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes). The washable textile electrodes permit the screening of muscle activities both in laboratory and field settings without any inconvenience to the players. The method has been validated against traditional surface EMG and has been shown to be a reliable tool to assess EMG both in static and dynamic exercises. In the workshop we will present Mbody as a valuable tool that offer an objective assessment of players’ muscle loading during training, games and throughout the rehabilitation programs.

Place: Darwin Room Time: Sunday, April 10th at 13.00 Agenda: Myontec Mbody – Workshop


Free Oral Communication – Use of Wearable EMG in rehabilitation processes from muscle injuries

Due to huge burden caused by injuries and rehabilitation processes to professional football clubs, there is an increasing interest for objective monitoring of functional rehabilitation processes from muscle injuries. Gasol-Santa Xavier the doctor of the second team of RCD Espanyol, will be presenting ways and methods how Mbody have been and is currently used as a monitoring tool in injured players’ rehabilitation

Place: Pickwick Room Time: Saturday, April 9th at 17:20

For more information please contact . See you in London!

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