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Revolutionizing Elderly Care: The Impact of MSleeve on Senior Well-being

MSleeve, smart calf sleeve measuring 3ch EMG and motions

In the heart of Helsinki, a groundbreaking initiative unfolded as the city sought to explore the transformative effects of guided physical exercises on elderly residents in nursing homes. Myontec, a leading innovator, was chosen as the technology partner to measure muscular feedback, unveiling a pioneering solution – the MSleeve.

Over the course of May and June 2023, the initial measurements took place in two nursing homes, with a follow-up in August. 18 seniors, aged 70 to 99, became the focus group, engaging in group exercise sessions 1-3 times a week under the watchful eye of physiotherapists.

The goal? To develop a digital method that:

MSleeve is capturing Gastro, Soleus and Tibialis sEMG
  1. Seamlessly assesses and monitors functional capacity,

  2. Targets rehabilitation interventions,

  3. Motivates physical activity, and

  4. Predicts future capacity development.

The MSleeve, a cutting-edge smart clothing equipped with EMG and IMU sensors, emerged as the star of the show. Through carefully designed exercises, the research team observed its capability to reflect the impact of increased exercise on calf muscle EMG activity. Notably, it demonstrated improved motor control and walking ecology, particularly in cases of intensive exercise.

The results, as illustrated in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, revealed significant insights. The MSleeve not only showcased its prowess in assessing and monitoring walking ability but also identified muscle problems during exercise and precisely targeted training. Even more impressive was its real-time monitoring capability, offering sophisticated insights without the need for extensive preparation or signal processing.

Myontec ErgoLink to analyse EMG and IMU data

Fig. 1. EMG activity level in right MSleeve (purple line) and left MSleeve (blue line) during walking prior to the exercise intervention. Note large EMG variability during the half a minute walking. A case example among 86 year old senior.

Myontec ErgoLink to Myontec ErgoLink to analyse EMG and IMU dataanalyse EMG and IMU data

Fig. 2. After the intervention, the EMG activity data of the same senior in the same test looked like this. EMG activity level in right MSleeve (purple line) and left MSleeve (blue line) during walking after 2 month exercise intervention. Both EMG amplitude and variability decreased after intervention particularly in left leg. Right leg EMG level remained less improved due to right knee 20 degree extension contracture.

The implications of this research are profound. The MSleeve's digitalization streamlines the assessment of functional capacity, making it easier, more accurate, and cost-effective. The precise data collected allows rehabilitation interventions to be timed perfectly, ensuring they reach those who need them most.

In the realm of elderly care, mobility is paramount, and the MSleeve becomes a game-changer. Its wireless design and real-time monitoring empower physiotherapists and patients alike. Adjusting exercise sets and loads in response to live data actively motivates seniors to maintain an active lifestyle, reducing the likelihood of institutionalization.

Helsinki City Innovation company Forum Virium and the 'Resource-wise digital social and health services' project (REDI SOTE) played a pivotal role in bringing together technology companies and healthcare services. Through this collaboration, MSleeve emerged not just as a technological marvel but as a beacon of hope for the future of elderly care. In a world where digital innovation meets compassionate healthcare, the MSleeve stands as a testament to the power of technology in enhancing the lives of our senior citizens.

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