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Tailored Products

Myontec has been tailoring many different smart clothes - mainly proof-of-concepts or for research purposes. If you didn't find anything for your needs at our webstore, it doesn't mean we cannot do it. See the selection of examples.

Shoulder sleeve focused on shoulder movements is measuring muscle activation of Triceps, Biceps, Deltoid, Trapezius and Pectoralis muscles. Shoulder sleeve helps to detect the injury risk, improve activation order or optimize the rehabilitation. Think what a baseball pitcher could get out of this?

Smart Collar measuring neck muscles is optimal to detect muscle spasms in the back of the neck, front of the neck, or in the trapezius muscles caused by whiplash or other injuries. What is more important than objective data for better decision making and rehabilitation?

Whether you need Shoulder sleeve, Collar, long pants, T-Shirt or just

a strap to measure your tight muscles, we might have the design and samples available already. Manufacturing tailored clothes takes usually 4-6 weeks depending on the set we have.

Additionally we have productized Proof-of-Concept model to build something totally new trough productized API interface. Let us know your idea, and we let you KnowYourMuscles!

Contact support(at) to learn more.

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