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Use of Exoskeleton: Scaffold Assembly and Disassembly

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

We worked with Ramirent to assess physical load during Scaffold Assembly and Disassembly with and without an Exoskeleton. Brief findings with our ErgoAnalysis™ below.

Scaffold pictured above is unrelated to the case.

  • Exoskeleton was more efficient help in the assembly phase

  • The benefit of exoskeleton was particularly high while lifting in horizontal plane

  • During assembly the exoskeleton also provided improvement of microbreaks

  • Disassembly especially had increased right forearm muscle load while using exoskeleton

To read the final analysis with specific percentages, note that you need to log in, after that the document is available on our Ergonomics Resources page. We also have more articles and resources coming soon.

The used exoskeleton was Ottobock Paexo Shoulder.

Questions are welcome and we can task our specialist to answer them. Registered users can comment below.

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