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WIMU & Myontec. World First solution in performance monitoring muscle activation in real time,

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The 22 Congress of the European College of Sport Science (5-8 July 2017) is one of the main Sports Science events from the European calendar. It has over 2000 visitors, with the specific focus on Sports Science and Strength and Conditioning. And we are going to be there!

We are presenting together with WIMU (Realtrack Systems) a break-through data integration solution in the frame of strategic Partnership that we have recently signed. WIMU professional software will have the EMG data integrated for real-time measurements and post analysis and reporting.

Find right below the detail about the presentation:

WIMU PRO positional & biometric data tracking and Mbody EMG load monitoring Intelligent Clothing are proud to present World First solution in performance monitoring muscle activation in real time, indoor and outdoor.

Date: 7th July 2017

Room: Mailand (South)

Time: 13.00 – 14.00

The first ever fully integrated solution for Muscle Group performance monitoring by WIMU PRO from Spain & Mbody from Finland.

Muscle behavior data has been the missing part when monitoring performance in elite sport and WIMU PRO solution is now powered by Mbody smart clothing measuring muscle activation (EMG) bio signals to deliver critical performance data.

Strength & conditioning coaches, therapists, doctors, biomechanics, researches, etc., they all want to adjust the daily training and improve the performance. We are presenting a clear competitive advantage – the ability to acquire fundamental information to gain the best results in competitions and to prevent injuries.

The most powerful performance monitoring tool on the market!

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