Mbody available with iOS and in USA market

Myontec Mbody is now updated! The newest addition to the intelligent sportswear brand, the Mbody, will include a mobile app for iOS as well as a new measurement unit with Bluetooth® Smart connectivity. With biosignal sensors measuring muscular activity, Mbody is the...

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No open full time positions. We are looking for trainees/internships.   Open Trainee Positions R&D trainee / Myontec Oy, Kuopio,...


The world’s largest multi-segment sports exhibition is going to be held in Munich on 5th-8th February. This time you can find Myontec at Health & Fitness hall C1, Booth 305. In 2015, Health & Fitness exhibit area will focus on the growing Healthstyle...


World’s first and only muscle sensing smart shorts, mobile app with real-time monitoring, online sports diary with versatile exercise analysis and follow-up features. Myontec Mbody is the most complete & comprehensive training system available for analyzing your everyday work-outs and performance. Myontec Mbody Pro is the best intelligent garments that measures your muscles activity, and, along with our phone apps and Muscle Monitor software, offers for professional customers a new dimension in understanding muscles behavior while doing exercise. Our slogan, Know Your Muscles, defines all we are aiming for.



Myontec Mbody – You wear it.

The idea of Myontec wearables is they deliver tech to you seamlessly, without having to operate anything or carry it. You wear it. Mbody package consist of intelligent MShorts, MCell recorder and Mbody Live application. Using Myontec Mbody is easy: put the MShorts on, attach MCell to the shorts, open Mbody Live application and run. Mbody monitors your bio-signals while you exercise.

Know your muscles


You can monitor your muscle load, balance and other variables in real time using your mobile phone. Myontec Mbody translates your bio-signals into simple user interface and analyses. Recording exercise is made easy without your mobile device also. Just push the button in MCell and it records your every move. Download your exercise afterwards into cloud service, analyze and compare your progress.


You can analyse your exercise after the training in your mobile device or in cloud service. The clear mobile user interface lets you see the differences between the right and left leg, about the quads/hams ratio, performance technique, latent problems etc. Further analyses can be carried out in Suunto Movescount cloud service, together with heart rate and route information. Sharing your move in Movescount cloud service and in your social network is behind one button.