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Biomechanics Expert, Mr.  Mauro TESTA, Founder and Director of Biomoove Labs, will coach us how to use Mbody3

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Podcast with Mauro Testa

This video of a podcast is about Return To Play Strategies in Football following up to the Corona Crisis. We invited Mauro TESTA, Biomechanics expert and founder of Biomoove Labs.



We strive to decrease injuries and improve performance in football with muscle measurement. Explore our solutions below! 



​Objective muscle training monitoring and training load
• Screening
• Kinesiologic analysis of movement disorders
• Gait and posture disturbances evaluating
• Muscle imbalance detection
• Technique analysis and more

To best results


Open up a new dimension for training while decreasing risks of injury.

Optimize load after resume

We use muscle activation which is the most accurate biosignal to monitor training zones in comparison with Heart Rate, and it's much faster in compared to Lactate measurement.

Better optimized training speed and muscle loading means staying in the target zone.

Manage the level of muscle load

Warming up improves neuromuscular control and lowers muscle activity. Cooling down is needed to start effective flush-away of lactate from blood and therefore enhance recovery.

Mbody allows you to optimize warm-up and cool down times for your muscles to reduce the risk of injury.

 Problem Detection 

Muscle Monitor is our high level tool for professionals. Problem detection is collection of features which very easily and quickly give an assessment of trainee’s muscular status.

We use “traffic light analogy” to categorize the problem level. For example, if Left/Right balance is within +/- 4,5% range the bar graphs are green and if the balance difference is larger the color changes first to yellow (within +/- 7%) and then to red (outside +/- 9%). Similar logic is in use with other parameters too e.g. for relaxation level.

Multiplayer monitoring

”Multi player monitoring” enables you to monitor simultaneously 3 players in real time with Muscle Monitor. You can start recording of 3 MCells and configure the Muscle Monitor display with monitored curves and values side by side.

2020-05-28 14_44_46-Mauro_Testa-Training

Return to play

Return to play

One level we specialize in is getting back to sport after strain, injury or other limitation.

Our technology can help to detect imbalance when one side of the body is used more than the other. It's useful and can be highly important to monitor progress and to recover to normal function precisely.

Are you ready to get return to play?


Our Products


Here is our recipe for your success.


Muscle Monitor

Windows software for advanced monitoring designed for professional. Its complete breakdown of human biosignals allows you to conduct the most accurate and objective analyses of performance and biomechanics giving you the keys for further advancement and optimization.


Mbody Live App

Available for Android and iOS. Get instant feedback from Mbody Shorts by turning your phone into a personal trainer. Optimize your training right on the go!



Our intelligent clothing tracks all the data for our software. Get Mbody Shorts now from our shop or contact us for a package deal.

Also custom made shirts are made to order, or you can contact us for other personalized solutions.

Full Customer Support

We're here to help you! To get most of our product our customer support will help you with the installation, reading of the data or any help you need with our products. This will be done to the best of our ability and free of charge!

Sport teams are using Mbody in
following areas


  • Objective muscle training monitoring, thus training load

  • Screening

  • Kinesiologic analysis of movement disorders

  • Gait and posture disturbances evaluating

  • Muscle imbalance detection

  • Technique analysis

  • Rehabilitation

Additional usages

  • Training readiness based on warm-up monitoring

  • Fatigue detection from EMG

  • Recovery and relaxation monitoring, even psychological aspect could be detected

  • Technique feedback for efficiency and balance

  • Analyze for imbalance and injury prevention

  • Sleep quality and sleep recovery; this is possible to do wearing the short during sleeping.

Contact us for additional information.

full list



​For more information here are articles on our success in football. For more sport articles you can register on our website!

Mauro Testa: Training load measured in soccer

Jari Puustinen:

Wearable EMG
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Use of Wearable EMG in Rehab 

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