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Privacy Policy

Myontec Oy is committed to comply at all times with applicable data protection and privacy laws. This Privacy Policy describes how Myontec collects and protects personal data about You in connection with the use of the Mbody Live 3 mobile application and other Mbody Products offered by Myontec and how we process and use such information.

Personal data means information which relates to You and identifies You (hereinafter “Personal Information”). Myontec respects Your privacy and takes great care to protect Your Personal Information. General examples about Personal Information, how it is typically collected and how the data is controlled and managed by us, is described below.

Your Personal Information is stored into Data files (hereinafter “Data file”) when customer relationship between You and Myontec is established. The recording and processing of Personal Information is based on the consent given by You.

You can also find our Privacy Statement files at the end of this page.



Depending on the User's specific device, the Mbody Live app may request certain permissions that allow it to access the User's device Data as described below. Mbody Live app collects and processes the data when you have signed up for and are using the app.

  • Location permission (non-continuous & continuous)

    • ​Mbody Live app tracks and may store and share device location when the app is monitoring the biosignals while you use the service. The location tracking can be disabled at any time by adjusting the mobile device settings.

  • Biosignal sensors permission

    • ​Mbody Live collects data from sensors that users may use to measure what is happening inside their body, such as for instance, neuromuscular loading and heart rate.

  • Motion sensors permission

    • Mbody Live may use device motion sensors to measure User's activity such as step counts, speed, and movement type (walking, cycling, etc.).

  • Storage permission

    • ​Mbody Live may store and share data in internal and external storages, including the reading and adding of any items.

By default, these permissions must be granted by the User before the information in question can be accessed. Permissions can be revoked at any time by adjusting the mobile device settings.


Personal information stored in the Data File is used by Myontec Oy for:

  • Managing and maintaining user data

  • For activating, updating and maintaining licenses for Muscle Monitor Windows software

  • For activating, updating and maintaining Mbody Live mobile application

  • To calculate the parameters related to the use of the special characteristics of Mbody products and to determine the personal thresholds, training zones and limit values derived from them

  • To develop further Mbody-products and their features

  • Targeting marketing activities

  • Product marketing communications

  • Creating, providing and developing services


This Privacy Statement explains how to store, process, and manage the personal information (hereinafter referred to as "Registered Person"), which is collected when start using and during the use of Mbody products.


The Controller may store, process and make use of the following information (wholly or as much as necessary):

  • Contact information: user name (as given by the Registered Person), email address

  • Citizenship of the User or the country where the product in use (as given by the Registered Person)

  • Possible identifiers for third-party databases or services that the user also wants to transfer his/her data

  • Demographic information: birth date, gender, height, weight (as given by the Registered Person)

  • Identifier associated with a computer of the Registered Person to maintain the activation of the software license

  • Data samples (EMG-signals measured muscle group by group) and the maximum heart rate value of the Registered Person required for determining the muscle fatigue threshold (MFT)

  • Activity class (options ”Recreational” and ”Athlete”) selected by the Registered Person him/her self

  • The performance data generated from the measurements (such as EMG, heart rate and other external sensor data as well as data collected from GPS tracking of the mobile device and other quantities derived from the aforementioned data)

  • Results of the Analysis and reports compiled from them

In addition to the aforementioned, the Registered Person can record his/her own comments and notes for each record.

The recording and processing of personal data is based on the consent given by the Registered Person.


Personal data is collected from the Registered Person in connection with the activation of the product and the activation of software licenses and later during use, during the measurements recorded by the Registered Person and by the software or when browsing the software database.


Personal data will not be disclosed without the permission of the Registered Person except as permitted by law and subject to the requirements of the authorities. If the Registered person has given his/her consent to the Controller, data stored in the register can be forwarded to a database or service managed by a third party, for which the Registered Person has his/her own account.


The performance data stored by the Registered Person may be disclosed to the Controller's partners in the scope of the intended use of the Data File in anonymity so that a single user is not identifiable by the data.

Third-party service providers may be used to handle the technical maintenance of the Data Files.

Data may be transferred outside the EU / EEA area if it is necessary for the implementation of the service. Transfers are carried out safely and within the limits set by the data protection legislation.


Myontec will only keep Your data as long as it is necessary for the intended use of the Data file. Legislation in force regarding the maintenance and traceability of products and services may require the retention of personal data for longer than the actual use of the Data File determines.

Incorrect or outdated personal data will be corrected or deleted within a reasonable time.


Databases to which Personal data are stored are technically and physically protected so that they are not accessed from the outside and thus preventing loss, destruction or misuse of the data. Database information is backed up regularly and securely.

Third party service providers who may be used for the storage of Data files are obliged to comply with current legislation regarding data protection and personal privacy.

Access to the information is limited only to those of Myontec’s staff members or authorized persons, who need the data in their duties.


You are entitled to inspect what Personal Information has been deposited in the Data files, to have inaccurate Personal Information to be corrected and to have Your Personal Information removed from the Data file.

You have the right to request the removal of Your Personal Information provided that they are no longer needed for the purposes for which You consented to it, or that there are no statutory obligations for Myontec in the processing or retention of Your Personal Information.

An inspection, correction or removal request must be sent in writing or electronically in writing in order to ensure that You have the right to the request.

The right to inspect information is free of charge at most once a year. Requests will be answered within two weeks of receipt of the request.


You have the right to access and receive a copy of your Personal Information that has been deposited about You to the Data file. The information is provided in a generally used and legible form. The information will be provided within one month of receipt of the request.

You may at any time withdraw Your previously given consent to the recording and processing of Your Personal Information. You also have the right to request the restriction of the use of Your Personal information or to prohibit the use of Your Personal Information in direct marketing.


Myontec Oy undertakes to comply with the applicable laws and regulations on data protection and privacy (including GDPR) in Finland and the EU, as well as other laws and regulations governing the processing of personal data and to comply with other practices in good data management and data processing. The personnel and authorized persons of Myontec Oy are required to maintain the confidentiality of personal data.

Myontec Oy will monitor any changes to personal data legislation and therefore reserves the right to update or change this Privacy Policy.


If You have any questions regarding Myontec’ s Privacy Policy, you can contact us at or use the contact form here.


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