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New Article Series

We're starting a new article series by Pekka Tolvanen, going over benefits for muscle activation technology. Also other articles are lined up, so if you haven't already please log in or sign up on the page or just visit the resource page for the full articles.

Article Preview:

How Myontec's Mbody Monitors Muscle Asymmetries

for Injury Prevention and in Rehabilitation

The full article is located in Sports folder.

Due to huge burden caused by injuries and rehabilitation processes to

professional athletes, there is an increasing need and interest for objective

monitoring of functional rehabilitation processes from muscle injuries. In Myontec we wanted to create a solution for muscle asymmetry evaluation using

EMG. The general idea behind this was; with wearable system you are free from

movement restrictions and can investigate your movement patterns and typical

behaviors of your muscles in sport specific movements and during typical training

routines and that gives you the true information about the movement patterns.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for store updates and other material!

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