On this page you will find instructions on how to maintain your smartwear and equipment.

Washing instructions and storage

See washing instructions below. Store smartwear in a wash bag when not in use.


Checking battery and memory status

Here you can find the instruction on how to check MCell's battery and memory status and how to clear the MCell's and phone's memory.



Open ErgoLink and connect the MCells to the computer using a USB hub.


Select Project management. Select a project and select a participant.


Select Download measurement to display MCells' statuses.


Before erasing the MCells' memories, make sure that you have saved copies of the measurement data. (See instructions for creating backups below.)


You can check the battery status of the phone and the clock on the device itself.


You can clear the phones memory by connecting the phone to the PC via USB and deleting the old measurement data files. Before deleting files, make sure you have made backups.


Videos are stored at: 
*Phone root*\Pictures\Myontec\Ergo Analysis\*Start Time*\

HR data is stored at: 

*Phone root*\Documents\Myontec\Ergo Analysis\*Start Time*\

Creating backups


If you do not have automatic backup of PC files enabled, we recommend that you save copies of the measurement data to an external HDD. After transferring the data to ErgoLink, copy and save files from the path where you first saved them

(*folder y*\*folder y*\ErgoLink\projects  e.g. Documents\Myontec\ErgoLink\projects).

Additional orders

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