On this page you will find instructions for frequently asked questions or other abnormal situations.

FAQs about ErgoLink or ErgoCloud

Frequently asked questions


What does the ErgoAnalysis measure? What is EMG?

ErgoAnalysis measures electrical muscle activity or EMG. Electromyography measures the electrical changes in your muscle as they contract and generate force. The more your nervous system orders your muscles to contract and produce force, the higher the electrical discharge. Hence, the EMG measures your muscles degree of activity or loading.

Hardware and tools

Why is the recorded data missing on one or more MCell devises?

If the battery is 20% or lower the data might be missing. We recommend always fully charge the MCells before use!

How I know that charging is completed?

Charging of the MCell devices can take time up to 5 hours. When the device if fully charged the red light turns off.

I can't download HR data from the watch to the phone. What should I do?

If ErgoMobile does not receive the retrieved HR data at the end of the measurement or the data download takes too long, the HR data must be retrieved from the history. In Ergomobile, open the menu (three lines at the top left), select ‘History’, and select the desired file from the menu based on time. Finally, select ‘fetch heart rate’.

If the previous procedure did not help, you need to force the ErgoWatch app to close. Swipe the clock screen from top, select the settings icon, select Apps, select ErgoWatch, and press Force stop. After that, press the front button of the watch to restart ErgoWatch.

The MCell does not collect data.

Check the pins at the bottom of the MCell for free elasticity. If the pins need maintenance, please contact our support.

The MCell does not respond or the LEDs do not flash.

You can reset the cell by pressing and holding the button for at least 20 seconds. Before resetting, make sure that there is no important measurement data in the MCell's memory.

Smart clothing

Can I keep my underwear beneath MShorts?

Yes. Only make sure that the underwear does not cover electrodes (especially the gluteal area) from the MShorts and that they stay against the skin the whole training or measuring session.


When checking the quality of the data, the quality does not meet the requirements. What can I do?

Only use data from a measuring range where the data quality meets the requirements. If the whole channel is corrupted, take this into account when interpreting the results of the quick report.

I can't find the data for the project I created in ErgoLink.

Go to settings and check the root folder path.

While creating a project to ErgoCloud, the color of the Project does not turn green in ErgoLink.

Check your network connection and cloud connection and refresh the browser page.

I have created and downloaded a Quick Report in the ErgoLink, but it does not appear to the ErgoCloud. What should I do?

Please refresh the browser page. Check your network connection and cloud connection