On this page you will find instructions for frequently asked questions or other abnormal situations.

FAQs about ErgoLink or ErgoCloud

Frequently asked questions


What does the ErgoAnalysis measure? What is EMG?

ErgoAnalysis measures electrical muscle activity or EMG. Electromyography measures the electrical changes in your muscle as they contract and generate force. The more your nervous system orders your muscles to contract and produce force, the higher the electrical discharge. Hence, the EMG measures your muscles degree of activity or loading.

ErgoAnalysis too complicated to be captured by a professional with limited knowledge in Ergonomics  or advanced computer skills?

ErgoAnalysis is easy to use, even without a degree in ergonomics or computer science background.

Can I perform ErgoAnalysis without taking video? My customer does not allow taking videos.

ErgoAnalysis works also without video but you will have difficulties in the analysis process if you cannot identify the work details from the video. If you cannot take video, you must make notes from time points when the work phase in your interest starts and ends. You will need the ErgoMobile anyway to have the MCells begin recording and ending the measurement session.

Hardware and tools

Why is the recorded data missing on one or more MCell devises?

If the battery is 20% or lower the data might be missing. We recommend always fully charge the MCells before use!

How I know that charging is completed?

Charging of the MCell devices can take time up to 5 hours. When the device if fully charged the red light turns off.

I can't download HR data from the watch to the phone. What should I do?

If ErgoMobile does not receive the retrieved HR data at the end of the measurement or the data download takes too long, the HR data must be retrieved from the history. In Ergomobile, open the menu (three lines at the top left), select ‘History’, and select the desired file from the menu based on time. Finally, select ‘fetch heart rate’.

If the previous procedure did not help, you need to force the ErgoWatch app to close. Swipe the clock screen from top, select the settings icon, select Apps, select ErgoWatch, and press Force stop. After that, press the front button of the watch to restart ErgoWatch.

The MCell does not collect data.

Check the pins at the bottom of the MCell for free elasticity. If the pins need maintenance, please contact our support.

The MCell does not respond or the LED does not flash.

You can reset the MCell by pressing and holding the button on on the side of the device for at least 20 seconds until the green light appears. Before starting the reset, let the MCell be connected to the USB charger for 3-4 hours (even though the red LED is not lightened).

During the Reset, hold the button down until all LED colours (red with buzzer&vibration, blue and green) are fully passed.

If the 20 sec Reset does not give any response, plug and unplug the USB-cable to the MCell several times. That may activate the processor to enable new reset.

If still no success, contact our support for more info. We recommend to charge the MCell regularly (at least once a month) to avoid the problem in future.

MCell connection led light is not shown green in ErgoMobile during a long measurement session. Is MCell still collecting data?

This is not a problem, MCell is still storing data even if it is not shown to be in connection with the ErgoMobile with green light. The green light (connection) is lost with ErgoMobile, if the participant has been out of ErgoMobile’s blue tooth range for a a while. It is essential that the MCells are connected during the onset of the measurement session and they get the signal to start measuring from the ErgoMobile. MCells collect the data as long as they get the signal to stop recording from the Ergomobile, if they are removed from the smartwear, if the small black button is pressed for three (3) seconds), or if their battery is finished.

Heart rate measurement is not important in my measurements. Can I make the test without it?

Yes you can. All other data will be collected and visible even if you do not use ErgoWatch.

Smart clothing

Can I keep my underwear beneath MShorts?

Yes. Only make sure that the underwear does not cover electrodes (especially the gluteal area) from the MShorts and that they stay against the skin the whole training or measuring session.


When checking the quality of the data, the quality does not meet the requirements. What can I do?

Only use data from a measuring range where the data quality meets the requirements. If the whole channel is corrupted, take this into account when interpreting the results of the quick report.

I can't find the data for the project I created in ErgoLink.

Go to settings and check the root folder path.

While creating a project to ErgoCloud, the color of the Project does not turn green in ErgoLink.

Check your network connection and cloud connection and refresh the browser page.

I have created and downloaded a Quick Report in the ErgoLink, but it does not appear to the ErgoCloud. What should I do?

Please refresh the browser page. Check your network connection and cloud connection

How can I delete the project from the Cloud?

Temporarily unavailable.

I uploaded MCell data and video from the phone, but it is not visible in the analysis view.

Please check that you uploaded also HR data file. Even if you didn’t use watch and the file is empty download it from the smartphone memory together with the video.