To start the measurements for analysis, please make sure you have checked the checklist below. Also other material and tutorials available on this web page.


Hardware checklist

You can find the hardware and equipment checklist from the link below. Also the old format of the checklist is here.


Measurement walkthrough

Check everything you need to do for a successful measurement from this link. Shortcuts and recap for the steps below.

Make sure all the equipment is prepared and devices charged. Participants will be in their normal work environment which might require a lot of tools for the kit.

Fill the questionnaire and instruct participant(s). After ready with measuring gear, the measurements begin.

Take a look at what exactly you need to do in this step.


Download data for the analysis

Next is our step-by-step guide to move your measurement data on your computer with ErgoLink. This step also includes preparing the data for analysis.

This step is to attach the MCells and follow the steps to open the project in ErgoLink. Full instructions here.

This step prepares the data for reports and basically enables analysis reports. Steps here.


Creating a project and report to ErgoCloud

ErgoCloud enables easy sharing and reports for each project. Here is how to add your project there.


After you have at least one measurement file prepared, with at least one AOI assigned to a task, move to 'Home' page.


At Project page, Select the previous project and click 'Create Project to Cloud'. The project should be now created under your account. Move to the 'Upload Reports -page'


On the right, select any or all measurement you wish to include to the report.


If the report looks satisfactory, click the 'Upload Quick report'. You may give an additional description to the report.


Log in with your ErgoCloud-account. Next, head to 'Project page'.


The reports page should list all the created tasks for the project. Select one.


You can preview some of the values of the report, by clicking 'Preview'.


If everything was successful, you are done! Next log in to the ergo.myontec.com with your browser.