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Importance of good working gloves

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

ErgoSleeve in validating the gloves and measuring arm muscle load

Glove models in comparison were: cut protection gloves (first 4), biomaterial (Tegera 906) eligible for food industry (all) , current glove in use (Maxifoam) and widely used nitril gloves and bare hand.

Good working gloves help in maintaining firm grip and lighten manual handling and lifting work. In hand intensive work arm muscle load evaluation by EMG can be used in choosing the best glove to the industry. We compared different models of working gloves on forearm muscle EMG activation and joint load levels in hold and release test with cylinder shaped object, screwdriver and handling grocery store-specific items.

Several types of working gloves and bare hand were used in hold and release test with a cylinder type of glass object, a torsion movement with a screwdriver and hold and release test with grocery store items. Myontec ErgoSleeve was used to measure wireless wrist flexor and extensor EMG as well as wrist and palm motions, integrating analytics of the collected data with video in ErgoLink software. Arm muscle load was normalised to maximum isometric load (MVC) of hand flexors and extensors.

Averaged muscle load was measured during three sequential trials in simulated work tests.

Arm muscle load differences in grip hold and release test between the gloves were notable, one of the gloves showing an extreme value of even 35% lower EMG activity level compared to another tested clove and 30% lower compared to task with bare hand in hold and release test. The properties of the gloves have notable effect on forearm muscle activity during manual material handling and ErgoSleeve helps choosing the most ergonomic glove for the tasks. The firm working glove grip becomes extremely important in reducing hand fatigue in long daily use.

Example of EMG in handling flour bag with a bare hand and a glove.

Read the findings and results in the abstract and presentation made in NES congress by registrations to our community site or by contacting our sales in support(at)

The article is based on the Abstract and presentation presented in 51st Nordic Ergonomics and Human Factors Society Conference 2022 in Upsala, Sweden.

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