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This page summarizes what you need for a measurement and information on required equipment and accessories.

Equipment included in the ErgoAnalysis system package delivery

QTY / project day
ErgoShirt 3
Shirt to measure upper body EMG data
At least one of proper size/participant. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
MShorts 3 (optional depending on the case)
Shorts to measure lower body EMG data
At least one of proper size. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
MCell 3 datalogger
Devices to record data
3 for each ErgoShirt 1 for the MShorts
Charging cables
For charging batteries and for data download
1 for each MCell
Phone (Nokia Phone model 6.2 onwards + charging cable)
Phone with ErgoMobile app to control for the devices and for video recording during measurements
Myontec ErgoMobile app installed, Latest version of Wear OS app, Connected to Google account
Watch (Polar M600 watch paired with the phone via Wear OS + charging cable)
Watch with ErgoWatch app to collect heart rate data
Myontec ErgoWatch app installed, Latest version of Wear OS app
At least 4-port USB-hub for PC for data download and charging dataloggers
One 4-port USB-hub is included with the delivery. If more USB-ports are needed, please purchase additional USB-hubs locally.
Spray bottle
To apply water to sensors
Moisturizing gel (for the skin) ("Aisti" available from Myontec)
To be applied to participants skin before measurements
Wash bags
To be used when washing the clothes and for storage
1 for each cloth
Washing instruction at ergo-maintenance

Additional equipment

Equipment you need to get, download, or print yourself are listed below. These equipment are not included in the ErgoAnalysis system package delivery.

Participant Questionnaire
To collect basic data and informed consent from a participant
1 / participant
Printable at
ErgoAnalysis Onepager
To inform participant about ErgoAnalysis method and measurement
1 / participant
Printable at
ErgoAnalysis MVC measurement protocol
To collect individual maximum muscle EMG value for the EMG algorithms
Download/print from
Strap(s) for MVC tests
For resistance in the isometric muscle tests
1 if just one tester present, 2 if pair of testers present
Length adjustable (2-3m long, 3-5 cm wide) unstretchable strap, e.g. lashing strap.
External powerbank for the smartphone + charging cable
External power for ErgoMobile app for over 3 hour measurements
Please keep connected to the smartphone during measurements
External HDD for data storage
HDD to storage data during analysis
Please see System reguirements at
Tripod to steady the phone while taking video
Phone to tripod -adapter (e.g. Hama 4351)
Tripod adapter for the phone for attachment
Optional: Large bag (trolley type)
Bag to ease your travelling and storage with the system
Optional: Arm dynamometer (Jamar)
For grip strength measurements during MVC test
Useful measurement to have participant grip strength comparison to the population reference values
Recommended: Protection clothes and safety equipment for your own team
Eye goggles, helmet, safety shoes, hearing protectors, breathing mask/filter, covers against rain etc.
1 for each tester present
Please consult your clients HR management during preparations meeting in advance
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